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NHS Blood
& Transplant

NHSBT have developed an alternative to the paper-based registration forms. The registration form that you complete on this website will be sent automatically to NHSBT who will call enrolees back within 4 days of receiving the form, in order to fully register them onto the system and also book an appointment.  

registration Guide

Step 1

Click on the 'Register Here' button below and enter the Recruitment code: 'A13'.

step 2

Fill out the form making sure to filling out all the required information (and your ethnicity).  

Step 3

State where you would like to donate. Should you prefer to donate somewhere other than the closest place to your home, you'll be able to enter alternative location details.  

Recruitment code: A13

Trouble shooting: If any issues arise with the recruitment form, then please contact to inform them of the problem. The digital team will respond within working hours, Monday to Friday. Outside of this period, please use / revert back to using paper based forms.  

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