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#LetsStayTogether “whether times are good or bad, happy or sad”

The Department of Cultural, Sport and Media (DCMS) has kindly funded our project #LetsStayTogether, which aims to help:

  • Build relationships in and across communities to help reduce loneliness and build connections

  • People and communities feel more connected

  • Individuals feel supported and less lonely and isolated

The Rebel With A Cause (TRWAC) CIC will be holding an event which will be offering some respite for patients who have a need for blood, organ and blood stem donation from loneliness and encourage them to attend our online (Zoom) which will have a health theme but will have opportunities for interaction in the main group and for those who prefer a more intimate setting via breakout rooms. There will be online games and challenges to keep spirits light and we will have three medical professionals who specialise in blood, organ and stem cell donation to chat about “interesting facts” relating to their areas of expertise and the impact of COVID19 on this category of patients. Additionally, we will be encouraging their friends and families to also attend and those with interest in these topics

#LetsStayTogether “whether times are good or bad, happy or sad” will take place on Thursday 18th March 2021 from 18:45pm click here to register .

A very special thank you to Rose Nicholls owner of Crafts and Curious Africa for donating their Binga basket towards the games prizes.

Information on Department of Cultural, Sport and Media (DCMS)

About DCMS

DCMS is the government department responsible for setting policy in Culture, Media and Sport, which includes; art, museums, broadcasting, music, film, lottery, sport and tourism. DCMS policies are mostly delivered through a number of bodies that we provide funding for.

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