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#UjimaKeepTheBeat is our flagship project which has at its core, the objective to raise awareness around blood, organ and stem cell donation in the black community.  During this 12-month project,  five new Peer Educators who have first-hand experience of blood, organ and blood stem (bone marrow) health conditions and/or donation will receive mentorship and benefit from skills training on topics including research techniques, journalism, driving the desk, facilitation, evaluation and community development. This support will enable the Peer Educators to develop and lead a range of programme activities throughout the year, including:

1)  Community-development workshops  with members of the community to answer their questions about blood, organ and blood stem (bone marrow) donation. These workshops will be led by our Peer Educators as part of the outreach programme.


2) Radio show, production and presenting. The Peer Educators will participate in regular radio shows on Ujima Radio, social media activity and public engagement activities at high-profile city events and festivals (COVID19 dependent).

3) Finally they will contribute to the annual report of the project.  The range of activities and training will enhance leadership skills, support Peer educators to frame questions and gather the evidence needed to advocate for change, as well as identifying tangible solutions.

The programme will raise awareness of social and health issues, bringing perspectives of Black communities and will influence policy-making forums.

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(From left Shahid, Ade, Sylvia and Roger)

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